all_com_sicreA Better Option for Real Estate Financing

The ultimate goal of your small business is to experience growth, both financially and literally. Thus, the need to expand your operations should never be seen as a challenge, yet for many in your position, that’s just what it becomes. Trying to secure the financing that you need can be a time-consuming process, particularly if your company has yet to establish a strong credit profile. While you wait for traditional lenders to decide upon your creditworthiness, the prime commercial locations that you have your eyes on could be snatched. If only there were a better, faster way to secure your real estate financing…

Why Consider a Stated Income Loan?

We here at All Commercial Funding can provide you with that better way. We offer a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing program that will get you the money that you need much faster than a traditional lender. How are we able to do this? Rather than focusing solely on a credit score, a stated income loan places greater emphasis on the income-generating potential of the property that you’re considering. Specifically, your loan is based upon whether the property can return enough to cover expenses such as:

  • Your monthly mortgage payments
  • The taxes on the property
  • Any fees associated with your loan or your property ownership

Due to the loosened lending restrictions available with a stated income loan, you could be approved for up to $5 million with a credit score as low as 600. And the best part? You can get your funds in a mere matter of weeks, putting you in the ideal position to get that property that you covet.

Stated income commercial real estate loans can be a terrific option if you anticipate credit issues being an obstacle to your company obtaining financing. Yet even if your business has a strong credit profile, the speed at which we here at All Commercial Funding can turn your stated income loan application around may still make this right financing tool for you. To learn more about this unique funding option, just give us a call today.