all_com_sbaSmall Business Financing with No Strings Attached

When securing the capital needed to help support your small business, you first though may be to seek out a private investor. While such a lending source may provide you with more than you would get from other outlets, you also place yourself in the position of having to sell off equity in your company. This means adding another voice to your management team, one whose opinion could alter the direction of your operations in a way that you never anticipated. Imagine finding a funding partner that can get you all the money you need without also requiring a seat at the ownership table. We here at All Commercial Funding can help find you just such a partner.

Benefits of an SBA Loan

The federal government’s SBA loan program is designed to help small business owners such as yourself grow their companies without having into enter into unfavorable financing partnerships. Through this program, you can qualify for either a 7(a) or a 504 loan, both of which can land you up to $5 million or $12 million, respectively. The funds from your SBA loan can be used to accomplish almost any purpose, including:

  • Upgrading your production facilities or office space
  • Purchasing the most state-of-the-art equipment available in your industry
  • Consolidating all of your debt

All you need to qualify is to meet the criteria set forth by the federal government to be classified as a small business.

Why Work with Us?

We at All Commercial Funding only work with lenders that have been given the authority to approve SBA loans, making us a Preferred SBA Financial Services company. Thus, we’re able to turn your application around faster than other financing firms.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the only way to guarantee your company’s financial security is to sell off an ownership stake. With an SBA loan, you can get the funding needed to support your operations quickly and without any strings attached. Our status as a Preferred SBA Financial Services company can guarantee that. To find out more about the benefits of getting your federal small business loan through us, call and speak with one of our finance professionals today.