all_com_poA Better Solution for Meeting Supply Chain Demands

For many companies involved in the supply chain, securing new client deals isn’t the greatest struggle that they encounter. Rather, it’s being able to fulfill their current purchase orders while still having resources available to help grow their businesses. If this describes the obstacles currently facing your company, then you may be dangerously close to hitting a plateau in your growth as you strain to meet all of the large orders you’re currently bringing in. Are you doomed to remain stuck in this cycle forever? Of course not: you have us here at All Commercial Funding to help.

How Purchase Order Financing Works

We offer a Purchase Order Financing program that uses your current POs as the means to get the funds needed to meet production demands and support your continued growth. Here’s how it works:

  • You secure a purchase order for items.
  • We provide the funding to pay your supplier.
  • You receive the goods and invoice your client.
  • Your financing is repaid as your client makes its payment.

It’s that simple. Gone are the concerns inherent with traditional lending channels, as well as the stress that comes from being able to meet your clients’ demands.

Don’t let this chance to continue to increase your market share pass you by. By using your purchase orders to obtain financing, you can avoid the obstacles so many other manufacturers, suppliers or resellers so often encounter. To learn more about this and the many other outstanding financial products we offer, call us today.