all_com_equipmentNo-Hassle Equipment Financing and Leasing

Equipment financing and leasing are great solutions to many of the challenges that businesses face when it comes to growth, increasing production and serving a greater client base. At All Commercial Funding, we offer several programs to fit the needs of practically all business types, big and small. Consider the following options for your equipment leasing or financing:


Unless you have been open for more than two years, getting assistance from a financing institution can be a challenge. We, however, are happy to offer financing for your young businesses to get the equipment it needs in order to thrive and grow.

Government Leasing

We guarantee lease financing for all government and municipal entities. Rates vary depending on the rating of the agency receiving the financing. Some potential entities we can finance include state agencies, police departments and federal agencies.

Lower-rated Credit

Many businesses have had a difficult time rebounding from the recession. Some continue to flounder and simply need a little help. All Commercial Funding is happy to give a lending hand by financing companies with bad credit, or whose owners have damaged their credit. Those with B, C and D ratings may find success with this program.

Lease Back

A common way some businesses choose to increase working capital is to choose a sale and lease back. In this program, instead of using bank lines to get the money they need, businesses choose to sell and then lease their equipment from us, the buyer. This allows them to get the equity out of their equipment while still retaining the user rights. Once you have made all of your payments, we will return title to you and you will once again own all equipment included in the program.

Extensive Benefits to Leasing

Equipment leasing offers some fantastic benefits for businesses. With limited cash flow, buying dependable, effective equipment isn’t always an option. When you add in fixed low monthly payments, tax advantages and more capital to work with on a daily basis, leasing may be the obvious choice. Speak with an associate today to learn how All Commercial Funding can help your business get the equipment it needs to be competitive and successful.